Do Your Own Pre-Inspection
How bad is your home infested with Bats?

This is a common question that we get from clients. An inspection from a professional is the best way to be accurate on how bad of an infestation you have in your building. However, a homeowner can do their own preliminary inspection if they know more or less what to look for. There are several signs that show when bats are active on homes. The most common signs are: guano (droppings), urine stains, pungent odor, water stains in ceiling, and grease marks on entrance or roosting area. Looking at upper areas of the building such as where the siding meets the eaves, window ledges, A/C units, windows, chimneys, roof jacks, roof alcoves, and many other areas are great places to look for these signs. Oftentimes, you will see the guano accumulated on ledges or near the foundation. Many people think they are mice, but upon further investigation, they find out that they are bats. Here is a common list of places that you should inspect when looking at your building.

Common Entry Points for Bats

Once you do your own investigation, hire us to do a thorough investigation on this. Most of the time, if a homeowner is able to see where his bats are active, we will see other areas also. Sometimes, even experts miss it since bats could have very recently entered a building and there be almost no signs except when approached within inches, you smell the slight odor.